Great hosting with a cheap annual rate

Gino’s hosting left an extremely positive impression. Of the obvious advantages: rich functionality, live and active technical support, including through the hotline, user-friendliness of the interface — services are easy to enable, disable and configure.

Very substantial discounts are offered for the first year of using the hosting. During this time, you will have time to assess the level of service. The value for money, in my opinion, is excellent. Gino is a decent hosting on the Russian market.
To begin
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Test period — 10 days

Jino has a 10-day trial period. Please note that during this period you cannot use a number of services, for example, a dedicated ip or connect Python.
Fast and easy registration

It takes less than a minute to create a new account. You can register using social networks, mobile phone or e-mail. The rest of the information can be filled in after entering your personal account.
Back-up every two days

Gino saves site backups every two days, so even if something happens to your site files, they can be restored. Personally, I was not lucky enough to fully appreciate this function of the site, but it’s nice to know that in a crisis, hosting won’t let you down.
Safe entrance to the office

Gino has developed the Gino.Key app, which allows you to enable two-factor authentication for maximum security. You will also have the opportunity to log in to your personal account without entering a password, but by scanning the QR code using this application.
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Convenient personal account

Personal account is laconic and understandable, it is pleasant to use it. It is easy to understand the services and understand why to buy and how to connect. For any questions, support provides comprehensively accurate and quick answers.

It is very easy to install the selected CMS for the site — it takes literally one click. The database is automatically created and connected, the user only needs to add the domain he likes and the technical aspects of the future site.

Gino provides her own hosting control panel. It analyzes in real time what services are connected, what amounts are deducted from the balance every day, what services need to be connected or disconnected.

Find out if Jino is right for you
Stable site operation, high page loading speed

During the life of my site on Jino, there was not a single interruption in work. Uptime indicators are close to ideal with a break only for scheduled maintenance. Often, users complain about server failures, but the company writes that the duration of the failures does not exceed 1 hour per month.

Gino’s responsiveness does not stand out among other hosting companies on the Russian market.

Ping is 1 millisecond, this result is not bad. Time may vary depending on server location. Gino located his servers in Moscow, which is ideal for users from the European part of Russia.

Third-party tests show that Gino’s hosting is indeed faster than the competition, but sometimes it crashes.


Check the quality of Jino’s work
Technical support is poor

Technical support is not Gino’s greatest strength. It works well, but not everything is perfect with the methods of contact: there is no online chat or bots.

You can contact the consultant by phone during working hours in Moscow or send an application through your personal account. This can be done around the clock, but you need to be prepared to wait from 10 minutes to 24 hours. You often have to wait several hours for an answer. It’s okay if everything is in order with the site and your question is about services. And if the site goes down?
Free trial period

A free 10-day trial period is a great way to see if Gino’s quality of service is right for you or not. After the expiration of the demo access period, you will be offered to select the necessary services and pay for them in your personal account.

For the most common CMS «Gino» offers a special solution «Spectrum», which is a separate infrastructure and «cloud» of servers with settings for each system: WordPress, Joomla and 1C-Bitrix. A ready-made solution for WordPress and Joomla costs 99 rubles per month, for 1C-Bitrix — 290 rubles per month. I purchased WP hosting and was satisfied.

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